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Most of the time it do happens that when you have a vegetable garden in your house of tomatoes, then many of your pet dogs would keep on plucking the tomatoes and start eating it all the time. This would take your mind into the alert state that can dogs eat tomatoes or not. Tomatoes is considered to be one of the most important vegetables. This plant has been included with some of the major compounds that can turn out to be harmful for the animals and most importantly dogs. Solanine is among the major compounds of the tomatoes that is found straight into the stem and teh leaves of the tomatoes. It is much dangerous for the health of the dogs if it is being served in the larger amount. For some of the dogs who are fond of eating the tomatoes on the occasional basis, they would be not much affected with the apperarance of the Solanine in the tomatoes or in their diet plan.

For the information of the readers, we would like to mention that the leaves as well as stems and young green color tomatoes are rich with the high amount of the solanine in it. This shows the fact that this ripe tomato is much safe and healthy enough for the dogs to eat out in their feeder. But still it can come about to be problem for the puppies who do not have the habit of chewing the stems and simply swallow it.

You should be keeping an eye on the dog feeding of tomatoes as they should not be taking unlimited amount of the tomatoes. Some of the major signs of the tomatoes arrival in dogs can lead to Gastrointestinal (GI) upset or even the effects of the cardiac too. Loss of coordination and the weakness in muscles can often turn out to be one of the major problems for the dogs. But the good news is that these signs are very much rare to make an appearance. You should immediately be getting into consultation with the vest before the signs take some worst turns.

So in the question of can dogs eat tomatoes, we would say both as yes or no. The texture of ripe tomatoes is considered out to be nontoxic for the dogs. Therefore it is important that you should be serving them in the complete moderation. You should also be avoiding them to feed with the unripe or the tomato plants. On the whole of the discussion we would say that you should by all means be keeping the dogs away from the tomatoes.

In some of the conditions, this plant can be toxic for the heart of the dogs. In the same way, it is to be mentioned out that the tomato is even said out to be poorly absorbed by the intestinal tract. You just need to stay back little bit concerned at the time of serving the tomatoes to the dogs.